Monday, April 30, 2012

Rossini Festival photos; People and pets have fun in 2012

These photos are proof positive that people and pets had a good time at The Knoxville Opera Rossini Festival and International Fair. Oh to have been a kid again! Water Walkerz of Knoxville were there and I got a deep chuckle at the kids who were 'walking on water without getting wet'.  Adults had a good time and even the pets seemed to be smiling.

It was the perfect day for the Knoxville Opera Rossini Festival and Market Square Mall in Knoxville is always the perfect place to party. Highs were in the upper 70's on Saturday and the sea blue sky was cloudless. I couldn't capture all the fun in the photos but I did my best to try.

Every event has its downside. This year, you couldn't purchase food from the Rossini Festival vendors without a ticket. To me, that was a lot of hassle to go through. The lack of seating also made it difficult to enjoy entertainment. My solution was to find a restaurant with an outdoor patio, place an order and then savor the moment. As you can see in the photos of the Rossini Festival, most of those moments were good!

Entertainment was spread out over four stages. There were selections by the Knoxville Opera Society, the Knoxville Opera Gospel Choir, and lots more. A long list of energetic dancers included Vine Middle School African Dancers and Drummers and the group in this photo.

Vendors ranged from Italian and Greek to Mexican and traditional American fare. As you can tell from the photos, the Rossini Festival was so much fun that even the pets seemed to be smiling!

I am wishing the blog had more room to post additional photos from the Rossini Festival. (We'll have to see what can be done about that.) In the meantime, I hope that you enjoyed these great shots.

Rossini Festival back in 2012 with new twist

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