Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Naples Italian Restaurant in Knoxville, TN; A quiet dining experience

Our choice of Naples Italian Restaurant in Knoxville was a quiet dining experience. After a disappointing day, Hubby and I decided to for an unscheduled dinner out (never mind that we were 65 miles from home). We wanted something that would be soothing.  The food was good and so was the service. Naples Italian Restaurant proved to be a good way to wind down a day.

It is reminiscent of an Italian bistro that you might find in New York or a larger city. At Naples Italian Restaurant the bar is just inside the door and to the left.

The main dining area is just beyond the hostess stand  and is a mixture of tall back booths and tables. The checkered red and white tablecloths are a staple. An intimate booth for two is tucked away in the corner of the dining room.

Larger parties can be seated in the larger room in the back.  Light jazz plays in the background. The effect is both romantic and soothing.

The wine list was tempting but we decided to go with our regular unsweetened iced teas. The varied menu included crab cakes, spaghetti, spinach or meat lasagna. Veal, chicken or eggplant parmigiana is also available along with other seafood and specialty choices.

Hubby and I both chose lasagna. His was the traditional meat version. Layers of pasta were alternated with meat and cheese. It looked and tasted like provolone was on the layer. It was finished off with marinara and a  layer of shredded parmesan cheese.

Mine was the spinach lasagna. At Naples Italian Restaurant in Knoxville the spinach is a pureed mixture that is  the layered with the pasta. It is a mixture of spinach, ricotta and other cheeses and tarragon. The effect is different but tasty.

The chunks of tomatoes in the sauce really helped the flavor shine. Both of the dishes were a little spicy, but that's just the way that I like them. They were also served piping hot.

Each of the meals costs $11.99. Salads are extra at Naples Italian Restaurant but rosemary bread is served at the beginning of the meal. It  comes with a garlic/chive butter. However; regular butter can be brought out upon request. We opted to skip a salad in favor of the entree. I was glad that we did. The entrees filled the plate and left no room for anything else.

Desserts at Naples Italian Restaurant include creme brulee, chocolate Italian cream cake, spumoni or sorbet (among other options). I hated to pass on those because they sounded so good. Next time maybe?

Our total ticket was about $30.00 for two entrees and two iced teas. The service and food were both good. It's definitely a restaurant that I wouldn't hesitate to try again.

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