Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trip interruption insurance can help with travel delay costs

Delays can happen on any trip. My first Megabus from Knoxville to D.C. and the trip to Alaska with my daughter taught me the valuable lesson of trip interruption insurance. Travel season is upon us and lots of people will be taking road trips or flying to their destinations. A policy can only cost a few dollars but trip interruption insurance can be invaluable.

When I was stuck on the Minnesota roadside my first concern was whether or not I could get a cell phone signal. After that I thought about being towed, hoped that a repair shop could fix my car instead of a pricey  dealership. It wasn't until after that was settled that the motel bill and cost of extra meals crossed my mind. Finding out that I had trip interruption insurance with my AAA policy was a relief.

Having the coverage was a comfort back in the fall. While we were on our Walt Disney World vacation something came up and we thought we might have to leave early. It was touch and go for awhile but we were able to stay for the entire vacation. Knowing that the trip interruption insurance would kick in was a comfort.

On the policies that I've seen, the coverage has only been available as a reimbursement. Paying the money out and then waiting to reimbursed is a pain. However; it's a lot better than seeing your full vacation investment evaporate into thin air! For me, trip interruption insurance gives peace of mind so that I can relax and enjoy my vacation.

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