Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I may want a discount cruise vacation for our anniversary

We are still looking at discount cruise vacations for our next anniversary. We have never had time to take a cruise before and researching the different options is a fun learning experience. Choosing one of the packages is going to be as hard as choosing destination!

Hubby in inquiring about his perennial favorite travel destination, Walt Disney World. They do have a cruise line and park tickets can be bundled with the cruise. had information on several different discount cruise vacations. One of the more interesting ones is the four day cruise to the Bahamas. Ports of all include Disney's private island called Castaway Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas.

Carnival discount cruises offer everything that a full price vacation has but at a lower price. The reduced price is an attempt to fill empty cabins and are only available at the last minute. Amenities, size and service are the same for comparable non-discounted cabins.

Brokers work with many different companies to bring you lower price. They typically sell packages online and some of the deals that they have worked out include last minute cruises. It is up to the buyer to be sure that anyone who sells a discount cruise vacation is legitimate. 

Blogs and books like Cruising the Eastern Caribbean: A Guide to the Ships & Ports of Call can be helpful. I am finding them to be a big help in learning about cruising and how to buy a discount cruise for our anniversary. After I figure out which discount cruise vacation that we want it should be smooth sailing.

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