Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Reasons to have a Disney World honeymoon

Here are five reasons that newlyweds should choose a Disney World honeymoon. My couple and family has spent a lot of time planning (and replanning) a rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception. A Disney World hondeymoon might be the perfect getaway.

I have talked about it with my daughter and do not know what she and her fiance will decide. Wedding planning has been a fluid process and some details are still in flux. There is no telling where the honeymoon will be. Here are five reasons to have a Disney honeymoon that would make my list. Hopefully she will consider the most magical place on earth.

1. Park diversity at Disney is unequaled. Magic Kingdom is a blend of the future and fantasy. Epcot is an international atmosphere with global flavors. Animal Kingdom has a safari that would be fun to do on a honeymoon. Then there is a park that offers everything Hollywood plus two great Disney water parks.

2. Every detail is designed to be larger than life. Cinderella's castle, the signature tree in the Animal Kingdom, Soarin at Epcot are each part of the over-the-top Disney experiences that make for a dazzling honeymoon experience.

3. Newlyweds can relax without worrying about theme park sticker shock. Vacations have to be prepaid and a meal plan can be included. Nothing is left to do except purchase souvenirs or photos. Worry about paying for anything is removed.

4. Disney honeymoon hats should be purchased and newlyweds should receive a free honeymoon celebration button. Romance is in the air, the food, magic and closing shows. Read these links about what happened at the Disney Crystal Palace and at Downtown Disney during our anniversary celebration. I thought the closing shows at Epcot and Wishes in the Magic Kingdom were especially romantic.

5. Park the car and leave it for the full honeymoon. Disney transportation can take you anywhere on the park grounds that you want to go (and a few places off of the grounds.) There are tons of reasons for newlyweds to have a Disney honeymoon. These are only five. What reasons can you think of?

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