Friday, May 18, 2012

Highway 11 Yard Sale 2012

The annual Highway 11 yard sale is an antique lover's paradise or a bargain basement. The difference is all in what interests you. The website says that it is soon to be called Antique Alley. I took a short drive along Highway 11 in Calhoun, Tennessee today. Vendors were selling wares on both sides of the street. The annual event takes place on the third weekend in May and is a road trip of 502 miles.

Highway 11 Yard Sale Antique Alley 
Traffic was moving slowly as passengers and drivers rubbernecked. Drivers need to be careful on this road  trip. Be sure to watch for pedestrians because they aren't always watching out for you. Children near the edge of the road weren't watching either.

Here's the best advice that I can give for driving the Highway 11 yard sale. Take someone with you to help rubberneck. Not only can you both watch for people and cars but it's the only way to cover both sides of the street.

Almost everything that you can imagine is for sale on this road trip. I saw that a small fishing boat and trailer were up for sale. Various types of glassware, glass bottles, toys and clothes were for sale among the vendors. There were even some old fashioned style quilts on one corner of the road.

It all looks like a fun road trip. I plan to drive part of the Highway 11 yard sale tomorrow so be sure to honk if you see my car. It will be the blue one with the overstuffed trunk and extra tie downs.

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