Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Falling gas prices make vacations possible

Falling gas prices are being credited by some for making vacations possible. This line of thinking makes sense when you consider the impact that gas prices have on travel. The higher the cost, the more people are forced to make hard choices to stay home. It's not rocket science.

Even with falling gas prices, maintaining your vehicle is critical to maximizing gas mileage. When we're on the road, we check out mileage with every fill-up. This helps me spot possible problems. Sometimes the mileage is low because we were stuck in stopped traffic or because of climbing mountains or hills.

My car is very sensitive to tire pressure. Checking the mileage on vacations helps me take care of low pressure, even when the tires look fine. Gas often have them but it's easier to have my own.  A gauge in the glove compartment puts the tool within arm's reach.

The falling gas prices leaves more room in my budget for those oil changes. The changes also have a beneficial impact on my gas mileage. Depending on how far we drive for vacations, it is sometimes necessary to have the oil changed on a road trip. When this happens I try to always choose a nationally recognized shop.

Falling gas prices may help make vacations possible for some. Doing our part to get the best gas mileage possible puts a few more bucks in our pocket so we can enjoy those vacations a little more.

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