Friday, May 04, 2012

Get promo codes from Frugal Dad

Frugal Dad is a website that has information on coupon codes, money and even careers. The site was built to provide financial information that would benefit an average family. Frugal family finances are words of the day. Frugal Dad has been covered by such companies as Business Week, PC, Tree Hugger and others.

The advice centers around the principles of saving money and living debt free. Frugal Dad is a source of money saving ideas that families can use. There are coupons and deals on things such as travel, hotels and more. Intermixed with the money saving coupons is honest advice about personal finances.

Travelers like myself can look to the website for discountsfrom

It is more important than ever for families to save money when they can and where they can.

When looking for budget travel and road trip deals, is a trusted as a go-to source for deals from across the globe. is an American company that bases its headquarters out of Dallas, Texas. On the day that I looked for travel deals on I was intrigued to see that several different promo codes were available. It seemed that you could go just about anywhere and enjoy discounted prices. For me, some of the more intriguing destinations were Las Vegas, New York City and San Antonio, Texas. Those are all cities that my family would like to visit again.

The deals that I saw on the site intrigued me. I decided to spend a few minutes poking around the site and seeing what I could find there.

The FrugalDad website is pretty easy to navigate. In fact, the only downside that I noted is the size of the  text. It is large and to me it detracted some from the readablity of the site. Otherwise, the user friendliness of the site made exploring a breeze.

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