Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to get to Disney from Megabus in Orlando

We have just found out that getting to Walt Disney World from the Megabus stop in Orlando is about to get easier! Beginning July 1, 2012, the new stop will be directly inside the LYNX station. Skip on down to "From Lynx to WDW" below for information on getting to WDW from the current Megabus stop or the new one.

To find out how far the downtown Megabus stop is from Orlando transportation (LYNX) I contacted the Travel Orlando; The official source for Orlando Travel Planning. The travel bureau has an online chat that was partially helpful. The following is a cut and paste of my conversation from May 23, 2012.
Photo of Megabus busPlease wait for a Visit Orlando representative to respond
You are now chatting with 'Debbie'
Gayle: Gayle
Gayle: Hi Debbie,
Debbie: Thank you for contacting Visit Orlando. How may I assist you today?
Gayle: I'm planning a trip to Orlando via Megabus.
Debbie: Hello:-)
Gayle: The stop is supposed to be in the downtown area at
Gayle: W. Jefferson St. Parking lot between North Garland and North Gertrude St.
Gayle: Is there public transportation nearby or what is the best way to get to Pop Century>
Debbie: The public bus is LYNX, you may have to transfer on the way.
Gayle: How can I find out where a LYNX stop is in relation to the parking lot Megabus stop?
Debbie: LYNX is in the middle of downtown
Gayle: Is the W. Jefferson Parking Lot downtown?
Debbie: Yes
Gayle: Okay. That helps.
Debbie: I think the two are very close
Gayle: I'm trying to figure out if the Megabus stop is close enough to walk or if I need a cab.
Gayle: I don't see anything on Megabus, on your site or (now looking) at LYNX that can tell me.
Debbie: I'm not sure however if you contact LYNX, they could tell you
Gayle: Okay. I will have to try them. Thank you for your time and help. :)
Debbie: do you want the phone number for LYNX?
Gayle: That would be amazing.
Debbie: 407-841-8240
Gayle: Thank you again for all of your help. I really appreciate it.
Debbie: My pleasure :-)
Debbie: Thank you for contacting Visit Orlando. Please contact us at anytime.
Gayle: Will do. :)

My next move was to call LYNX  and hope they could tell me how to get to Disney from the Megabus stop in Orlando. I spoke with a very helpful representative named Calvin. He said that the Megabus stop is two blocks from the main LYNX terminal. North on Garland in the direction of traffic to get to the terminal.

From LYNX to WDW

He said to take the Fifty Bus to Downtown Disney. The fare is $2 each person, each way. (Fares change so double check with LYNX before arriving.)

Couple at Disney Springs in OrlandoFrom Downtown Disney, go to the other side of Cirque de Soleil and look for the line of Disney Transportation buses. Depending on which bus you need, you can either go to the resorts or to the Ticket and Transportation center.

Reverse the process to get back to the Megabus stop in downtown Orlando.

This sounds simple enough but I won't get to Disney to try it until late summer. If you take the route, please come back to leave a comment in the section below. All of us would love to know how it goes.

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