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How to make La Quinta hotel reservations without a smart phone

Imagine that you are traveling through an unfamiliar city and need a room for the night. Without a smart phone how do you make La Quinta hotel reservations? The question is strange to those of us who were born before cell phones. However, the younger generation struggles when technology is unavailable.

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Reserving hotel rooms from La Quinta or any other hotel is one of the things everyone should know how to do without a smart phone.
When the internet signal is unsteady or smart phones go dark, so can the twenty-year-old genius.

 Believe it or not, some people still prefer a traditional cell phone over a newer smart phone. The process to reserve a room usually begins with a simple text message or call.

If you don't already have the number for the hotel you want, text Google at 466453 (Google) with the search terms. For La Quinta hotel reservations, just input the terms 'La Quinta City, State' and send.

The phone number should appear as a text message in about a minute. Simply call that La Quinta to verify that it's the location you need. If it isn't, then the hotel desk clerk will likely be able to provide the information.

Like La Quinta, almost every chain has a toll-free number for room reservations. Look up the number and program it into the smart phone before leaving home. Otherwise call 411 or pick up a printed directory from a local hotel.

The directory should have the contact information for all the properties from a particular brand. For long road trips, you may want to pick up directories for several hotels and toss them into the car. Without a smart phone, this is the best option for La Quinta reservations or to reserve a room from any other hotel chain.

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