Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Knoxville art and sculpture photos

Here are some Knoxville art and scuplure photos. I could not help but appreciate artisan work that was downtown on Saturday. Some of the pieces of art placed in the Market Square Mall area year round. Others are part of the Dogwood Arts Festival. Strolling through downtown is a lovely way to appreciate the Knoxville art and admire the sculptures.

Knoxville Chalk Walk
Couples and families can enjoy the stroll. Bring a picnic lunch to Krutch Park or pick up something on Market Square Mall. You are all set on your trek to see the art and sculpture.

The photo on the left is from Chalk Walk and is part of the Dogwood Arts Festival. Every year artists decorate Market Square Mall by creating large art murals on the sidewalk. Kalyn Smith, Erik Vass and Emily Hoffman created this masterpiece.

Krutch Park Sculpture
This sculpture was just outside of Market Square Mall in Krutch Park. The landscaping here is almost a work of art itself but the sculptures add a special touch here just as they do at UT Gardens.

Benches and a creek are park highlights.  As the photos show, Krutch Park in Knoxville is well shaded Any bench doubles as a picnic spot and a place to enjoy the art and sculpture. Market Square Mall has benches where you can enjoy bright sunshine. (See more photos

Sculpture near
Market Square Mall, Knoxville
This sculpture is also near the park. A child started to climb on it just after I snapped the photo. This is a definite no-no so Mom and Dad hopped on it very quickly.

Keep the art and sculpture in the photos looking great. Please, no climbing. Kudos to this Mom and Dad.

If you are up for the hike, turn right onto historic Gay Street off of Krutch Park. A few blocks down, The Knoxville Transit Center has another sculpture.

While you are on Market Square Mall in Knoxville, take a minute for the statues. These art pieces recognize women's suffrage and  a physician.
Sculpture at Knoxville Transit Center

Depending on how far you want to walk to see the Knoxville art, driving may be best.  In that case, do travel down Gay Street to the transit center. There are plenty of parking meters and it will only take a minute to get a shot of this sculpture.

This art sculpture is at the end of the Knoxville Transit Center. Watch for buses that are exiting the center. This is one of the Knoxville art photos that only took a minute to snap.

Knoxville Museum of Art has a sculpture garden and the UT Gardens have their own pieces of sculpture. I haven't been to these yet and am looking forward to getting there. If you have photos posted online be sure to leave a link and a comment below.

Photos from West Knoxville Dogwood Trail

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