Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mother's Day gifts for moms who travel

Take it from someone who knows, these Mother's Day for moms who like to travel should be on any gift lists. Some of these Mother's Day gifts may seem odd at first glance. This article isn't the usual 'get mom a GPS' or 'cruise' kind of list. Instead, these are gifts that moms who travel can use to pass the time or make life easier.

AAA Membership
Moms who travel may already have a auto club or AAA membership. If so, then great! You can renew it for her. If not, then great because you can buy it as a Mother's Day gift. Roadside assistance, maps and help with reservations can make life easier and all moms need that.

Hotel gift card or prepaid debit card
This Mother's Day gift can be used to pay for a night on vacation. The hotel gift card or prepaid debit card can be part of an emergency stash. Delayed flights, missed connections or breakdowns often mean an extra night out. When these scenarios occur moms who travel are freed from the added stress of paying for a room.

Reading material
Does your mom prefer books, magazines or e-book downloads? When it comes to Mother'sDay gifts, reading material can be overlooked. Books are inexpensive and e-certificates can be purchased in any amount. A Kindle Touch may work for bigger budgets.

Multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife
It isn't your typical Mother's Day gift but their versatility is ideal for moms who travel. There are several varieties. The flashlight, bottle opener and scissors makes a Journey's Edge Swiss Everything 13 Function Pocket Tool one of the most versatile travel accessories that I've seen for moms.

Sewing kit
This small gift is an inexpensive but helpful Mother's Day gift. They can be purchased but the best ones are those that you put together yourself. Fill a small cosmetic bag with a pair of scissors, a package of needles, sewing thread in black, white and khaki. Toss in a thimble, safety pins and a few buttons in black, in white and in clear. Moms tho travel will appreciate it.

Any of these gifts are made extra special by adding one little thing. A note to say how much you love her is the perfect touch to any Mother's Day gift. Moms who travel or stay home will adore this special touch.

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