Monday, May 07, 2012

Why we picked Puleo's as our Knoxville bridal shower venue

We found a fabulous bridal shower venue at the Puelo's on Cedar Lane. I hope that things can go this smoothly for the wedding because Puleo's went above and beyond to make sure everything went right. This is a restaurant review that I feel good about writing.

To me, one of the best things about Puleo's Grille is that it's a locally owned, Knoxville operated restaurant chain. The menu includes comfort dishes like Turkey and Dressing, ribs, steaks, pizza and lasagna. Then, there are those tangy maple glaze pork chops and the fried green tomatoes. When choosing the bridal shower venue we carefully considered the menu and the location.

Our bridal shower weekend proved to be busy for graduation parties and the celebration of the World's Fair. Narrowing the bridal shower venue down to a geographic location and the type of restaurant we wanted helped. Starting early made the biggest difference. Without the early start I am not sure that Puleo's in Knoxville would have been able to accommodate us in the private room.

On shower morning, my heart sank when Hubby received an emergency phone call. We would be running late and guests would be waiting for us. I phoned Puleo's and the hostess was unruffled. She promised that the bridal shower guests would be taken care of until we got there and kept her word. In fact, Puleo's restaurant did so well that some of our guests didn't notice that we were late.

At ordering time, each of the 15 of us selected from the standard Puleo's menu. Again, this Knoxville restaurant shined. None of our wedding shower guests had anything but complements about the food or service. Puleo's on Cedar Lane proved to be an excellent choice for a bridal shower venue.

Speaking of service, I appreciated the extra napkins and pitchers of drinks that the server brought out. But, even  though our bridal shower guests could help themselves, she continued to refill glasses. At cake cutting time extra plates and clean forks arrived along with a large trash bag for the gift wrap.

If our guests wanted for anything they didn't mention it. For us, the Puleo's on Cedar Lane in Knoxville was an excellent bridal shower venue.

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