Friday, May 11, 2012

Relay for Life Event in Athens, Tennessee

The Relay for Life event in Athens, Tennessee is tonight at the Pavilion at the Athens Regional Park. The clear and cloudless sky makes it a perfect night for this fundraiser. The purpose of Relay for Life is to raise funds that will help in the fight against cancer.

Participants who are planning to be at the event may want to bring a jacket. Evening temperatures in Athens are expected to become chilly in the late night hours.
Relay for Life also raises awareness about the disease. Cancer strikes without warning. Although some people may have a genetic tendency, most of the people who have cancer do not have a family history.

My own mother was a case in point. She found a breast cancer lump in 1989. Health insurance and dread were issues that kept her from seeking treatment. Her doctor thought that the lump might be a common cyst that  was nothing to worry about. The resulting delay necessitated a radical mastectomy. Five years too late the doctors discovered that the cancer had spread.

Part of the Relay for Life fundraiser in Athens,  TN is a walk by survivors. There is also a caregiver's lap for anyone who has taken care of a cancer patient. Tonight will also feature survivor Mayor Hal Buttram, an invocation, Boy Scout color guards and music. Most of all, it features the all important relay.

The event at Athens Regional Park begins at 5:00 pm and goes until 5:00 am. Concessions are available.  I hope that you will support  the fundraiser. Information and donations are accepted online at Relay for Life.

Updated 5/16/12
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