Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review your boat insurance policy before hitting the water

Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the start of summer. Lots of people will be hitting the water for the first time in months. Now is a good time to review your boating insurance and overall condition of your boat or watercraft. Accidents happen on the water just like they do on land.

Do a full safety check before you hit the water. Be sure that everyone on board will have a life jacket in the proper size and fit. Look at the electrical equipment or motor for faulty wiring. Going over the boat carefully to check for cracks or signs of leakage may also be prudent. The TWRA has other tips that may be helpful.

The USCG Office of Boating in Washington, D.C. has links to information on how to do a vessel safety check or report an accident to insurance . There are also stats, figures and information from the American Canoe Association as well as other organizations.

Hopefully, nothing will ever happen to make you want boating insurance. I don't go to the lake often and this isn't a paid article or anything like that. I just want my friends that hit the water to come back safely and boating insurance is part of that. Hopefully this post has helped with a few tips to make that happen.

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