Saturday, May 05, 2012

What not to bring on a Disney World vacation

When our previous Disney World vacation came up today it made Hubby want to dash out and load up the car. In his eyes, the most magical place on earth is the most fun. Figuring out what to bring the first time we went wasn't too difficult. Figuring out what not to bring on a Disney World vacation took a little longer.

It pays to think small. Supersized items are heavy and dealing with them becomes a problem. As a general rule, if it is big and bulky do not bring it to Disney World. A vacation is about fun not becoming a pack mule by carrying stuff that you won't need. Here are a few items that you don't need at Walt Disney World. Leave them at home (or in your room) for a better vacation.

Big coolers
Nope. Nada. No way. Do not bring a pull-along chest on your Disney World vacation. Not only are large coolers not allowed but they are a pain for everyone. Small coolers are okay in the parks. An insulated bag with a sandwich and frozen bottle of water works well for my family.

Large umbrellas
This is near the top of the list of what not to bring on a Disney World vacation. They aren't allowed at most sporting events because they get in the way. Instead, use a rain poncho or (if you are concerned about shade) carry a lightweight compact umbrella.

Security will confiscate bottles and containers that are made from glass. The only exception to this rule is baby food. Save yourself some grief. Glass is a item not to bring on a Disney World vacation. Use plastic containers or baggies.

I know that the lines can get to you. These are also against the rules. Besides, what are you going to do with it during a show or while you are on a ride? Although it is tempting to bring a chair on a Disney World vacation, don't try it.

Big tubes of sunscreen
Okay, don't not bring sunscreen to Disney World. Just do not bring it into the park. They really add weight to a backpack. Bring a small tube into the park and leave the big one in the room.

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