Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I bought mission trip insurance

The bottom line is that abroad or at home, you need mission trip insurance coverage. This was stressed at a training event that I attended awhile back but double check on the facts still seemed like a good idea. This article briefly outlines why I bought mission trip insurance for my family and why we will buy it again. I found this article about the Jenkins family in Kentucky after returning from our travels. It alone may have been enough to convince me to buy mission trip insurance.  

Installing insulation
on Alaska mission trip 
Let's face it. Travel is fun, but reading fine print on paperwork isn't. Even so, my attention became riveted to the policy when red flags started popping up about coverage. We were going across Canada to Alaska on our mission experience. I wanted reliable healthcare and accident coverage and emergency evacuation. 

Conflicting information from our carrier made me decide to purchase additional mission trip insurance. We got it from our denomination for about $20. My daughter and I had the road trip experience of a lifetime on our travels. The policy wasn't needed but having it in place helped me sleep better.

Next month, Hubby is going on a volunteer team to help in another state. It's close to home but we are still considering if insurance from our denomination is available. If something were to go wrong, the potential costs of co-pays and deductibles might make it worth the small investment for mission trip insurance. For peace of mind, the coverage is something that we will consider buying for each one of our volunteer travel experiences.

Travel insurance is a necessity for any trip