Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Window paint and girlfriends ease wedding stress

Let the bells ring out. The wedding countdown has begun! Next month, our daughter will leave home and float into Happily Ever After. As stress mounts, there are days that I want to go to Vegas for my daughter's Knoxville, Tennessee wedding. (Skype anyone?)

Daughter got married sign on car
Maybe that's why this picture is so darned funny. We were in Knoxville when this message called to us from across the parking lot. I don't know who wrote 'My Youngest Daughter got Married' on the window, but I love the sense of humor!

Seriously though, I'm learning more about dealing with wedding stress  each day. Planning early gave us a good head start on the process. As my daughter changed her mind, she changed everything with the event.

We will now be in Knoxville instead of two hours away. Her sit down dinner became a buffet and the flowers she wants may not be season in Knoxville. No wedding stress for Mom!

Professionals recommend Yoga, tai-chi and other self-care tips for dealing with stress. Years ago, my doc told me to deal with stress by getting eight hours of sleep. He mumbled something about caffeine but it was hard to hear him over the pop made as I opened my can of Red Bull.

I commented to a relative that every moment is consumed with details. She said a bathtub soak would take me away. What a disaster! The wedding guest list got wet (I did say every moment), it took forever to dry and the ink ran so much that you couldn't read it.

Someone gave me advice years ago that holds true for wedding stress and life itself. She said to go get bucketloads of girlfriends because we would need each other. You know what? She was right.

Hopefully, my daughter will follow the advice that I was given. Not all of my girlfriends are in Knoxville but I try to be there for them as much as they are for me. As wedding stress mounts I have one question for my Knoxville girlfriends. Can I borrow some window paint?

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