Friday, June 15, 2012

How to get married in Vegas

Here I am answering a Vegas wedding question for a friend who is also thinking about moving there. This was something that I looked into when my daughter first mentioned getting married. Having a wedding while flying over the Grand Canyon or near Caesar's Palace just sounds neat! As her wedding plans progressed, I threatened to go to Vegas and let her continue with local wedding planning (just kidding).

My husband enjoyed taking photos there on our last trip. If my daughter had chosen to get married in Vegas, then we would have looked into how to do it a little sooner, Hubby might have been tempted to look into a las vegas condo sale or something. He enjoyed the scenery that much.

Anyway, here's what I found out about how easy it is to get married in Vegas. Most of the information came from

1. It's easy.
2. Wedding chapels are open 24/7 and some have drive-thru windows!
3. The bride and groom need to go to the Clark County Marriage License bureau together and need to be at least 18. You need to take your ID, social security number and proof of age (if under 21).
4. No blood test.
5. No waiting period.
6. The license is only $60 plus a $5 processing fee for credit cards.
7. A pre-application can be downloaded online.

That's really all there is to it. I was surprised at how easy it would be. But, as you know, my daughter decided to move into 'Happily Ever After' opted to do so locally. She, the groom, and their friends had a good time and that's really all that matters.

Over 100,000 people get married there annually. Those numbers tells you that the city has something going for it. The city has an easy romantic flow to it. Lots of restaurants and sites are open late or even 24 hours a days. There are many wedding chapels for a bride and groom to choose from and some of those are open around the clock.

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