Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home decision details

I am finding out that when you put a home in order, that the small details can be the most important. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made. Choosing the right colors, deciding how to arrange the furniture (and rearrange it) take time. Figuring out if you want to buy carpeting from a company like Behnam Rugs or from another company are the types of decisions that turn a house into a home.

Thanks to my husband's job, we have traveled to different parts of East Tennessee. This parsonage is the first that where the committee allows us to help make decisions. We have had a great deal of fun over the past year. I do not know if we will get involved with decisions on things like French patio doors or atriumwindows but they are nice to think about.

A few years ago, I traveled to Texas with volunteers from Hope for Healing.Org. We considered developing an office out there and were amazed at the amount of details. Just deciding which commercial cleaning company to use had us overwhelmed. I am grateful for that travel experience and for the opportunity to be there with our volunteers.

My new job as a local pastor has me feeling sentimental and appreciative. Riceville is a good area to work and to live. I hope that some of you will consider traveling here to get a taste of simple country living. Once you arrive, you won't want to leave.

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