Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introducing our wedding team

The wedding of my daughter proved how important it is to have friends. Our pastor, wedding caterer, coordinator, make-up artist, beautician and DJ are all friends of mine. I'm proud to know them! I'm going to list what they did here.

Some of my friends dusted off their skills to help with the wedding.  For others, this is their livelihood. If you came to the wedding, and want to contact one of my friends, then just send me an email. I'll be glad to pass your contact information along to the right person.

Wedding reception dancing
Here's the rundown:

Rev. Dr. Chris Dover - Officiant
We have known Chris and his wife Rhonda for years. He is a chaplain at Tennessee Wesleyan College and does an upbeat, respectful wedding service. We literally couldn't have done the wedding without him.

Karla Kurtz - Our top notch wedding coordinator
When not holding the mother-of-the-bride together, she is a professional fundraiser. This phenom lady was our wedding coordinator. Her work with nonprofits is extensive and well done. She is highly sought after and respected in her profession. Don't believe me? Check out the website for Empowerment Consulting. Her husband Billy is a pastor who can take a mean set of photos.

Alicia Bryant - Beautician
If you liked the hairstyle of either of my daughters, then talk to her. Alicia doesn't only do weddings,
she does it all. She is a recent graduate of Paul Mitchell and has had a flair for do's for as long as we've known her family. Alicia is actively pursuing her career and I think it is going to stellar. No word on where she's styling yet but I will definitely be glad to pass the word along.

Julia Shepard - Licensed Esthetician
The work of a make-up artist can't be overstated. When the work is done by a good friend, then it's even better! I loved, loved, loved what she did for the bridesmaids. The wedding party looked fabulous. Guess what? She does this full time. You will be reading more about her on this blog later. In the meantime, go check her out on Facebook.

James Mize -"Rocking "DJ"
This guy knows how to mix up the hits and our crowd does it. I first met him a few years ago when he was kind enough to help a nonprofit fundraiser. James does a great job but he isn't an official DJ. Still, if you liked his work (and are planning a wedding) it might not hurt to talk with him

Liz Wilson Photography
The two photographers that we had at the wedding were the ones that the bride insisted on and my friend. Liz is just getting her feet wet with wedding photography. I feel that she did an admirable job. Hopefully she will be posting more of her work online soon.

Jan - Caterer extraordinaire
Our caterer is a family friend who rolled up her sleeves to pitch in. She has a big heart and has catered many church events. Jan has also been seen in the kitchen helping nonprofit organizations with high dollar fundraisers. The wedding catering that she did was a hit with our guests.

I'm so thankful for my wedding team! We could not have had better. Thanks for still speaking to me even after the wedding. :-)

Hopefully this answers everyone's questions on the help that we had for the wedding. Everyone did a great job. Need tips on choosing people for your team? Here's what I looked for in a wedding coordinator.

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