Friday, June 22, 2012

Making your room storm resistant

Do you live in an area which is vulnerable to severe hurricanes and windstorms? A storm can devastate a home in a very small space of time so it’s vital that you ensure that you have the highest possible degree of protection. In addition to getting windstorm insurance to help you withstand the financial aftermath of a storm, it’s worth paying some mind to the roof of your house.

Roofs are exceptionally vulnerable to damage during a storm. Loose tiles or weak roofing materials can all add to long-term storm damage so it’s important that you keep the roof well maintained and if you are building or thinking about a new roof, use storm resistant roofing materials. During a storm keep the windows and doors closed as a sudden change in air pressure can lead to further damage. 
It is a good idea to ensure the roof is well attached to the body of the home. Additional bracing may be necessary if you live in an area which is at risk of severe windstorms. As damage from hurricanes and windstorms probably are not integrated in your homeowner’s insurance policy, make sure that you have further windstorm insurance to protect your house in the event that a windstorm should result in considerable damage.

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