Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Megabus expands into Texas and opens route to New Orleans

Megabus continues to expand across the U.S. That's good a for travelers who want to visit family or enjoy a vacation without paying high gas prices. The on board bathrooms can be a lifesaver for families with kids. Free WiFi and electrical outlets at each seat help keep you connected to friends back home.

The new locations that are offered by Megabus is intriguing. Hubs in D.C., N.Y.C. and Atlanta; put the power of inexpensive travel within reach of more travelers.
New bus stop are planned for summer travel. Summer 2012 brings Megabus routes in Texas. Looking to travel inexpensively from Houston to San Antonio, or see sites in Austin or Dallas? Megabus may be your answer.

Another one of the newer Megabus stops is New Orleans. Riders can connect from the Atlanta hub. The article linked above tells us that transportation from New Orleans to Houston is available (although not by Megabus). Full schedule details are on us.megabus.com.

It looks like the bus line will soon link most major cities across the country. That's good news for budget travelers and students who have more time than money. 

Another plus is that fares begin at low as $1. The trick to getting these deals is to book as far in advance as  you can. There is a .50 booking fee to reserve your seat online. Riders can sign up for SMS messages for another .15. Booking late can mean paying $20-$40 for a ticket. But hey, even the higher price can be cheaper than than buying gasoline. 
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