Friday, June 08, 2012

Where I got good deals on reception tablecloths

It was important to stay within budget for my daughter's wedding and reception. Good deals on wedding tablecloths was a must. The color scheme was to be champagne and chocolate. Almost nothing could be found locally. White was used on the food and cake tables but I had to go online for everything else. Fortunately, I was able to find good deals on the wedding tablecloths that were needed.  

Linen Tablecloth claims to have affordable  elegance and lived up to their promise. The weight and quality of the tablecloths were that of any caterer.

Free shipping for orders over a certain amount put the tablecloths in the good deals category. Ivory table runners were added and earned many good comments on my daughter's wedding reception decor.

The Linen Tablecloth store had everything we needed. Good deals could be found on chair covers for weddings and receptions, satin overlays, cloth napkins and you name it. They run frequent discounts on Twitter and they have a reward program. The combination looked good but I wanted to know about the Linen Tablecloth reputation.

No worries there! Product reviews made me feel secure about ordering. Reviews from buyers both on and off the Linen Tablecloth website were good. Despite the remarkably good deals the quality is excellent. The tablecloths all washed well and I feel that they will hold up for years to come.

The table for my daughter and her groom table is covered in a chocolate satin overlay with an ivory table runner that I picked up locally. My daughter can thank Linen Tablecloth for the good deals and the good comments on her wedding reception.

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  1. Deals always vary. We checked everywhere. For us, purchasing tablecloths was more cost effective than renting them.