Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dubai tourism popularity is on the rise

Every day we are hearing more about tourism in Dubai. From magnificent towering buildings to glittering ocean shores almost everything about the city is exciting. It is also an important worldwide business center.

As you might expect, there are a number of attractions that families, couples or individuals can enjoy. It stands to reason that cheap holidays to Dubai are becoming so popular. Even the name creates images of architectural grandeur and modernistic buildings.

Here are a few attractions that you may enjoy visiting:

Dubai National Park
The park raises awareness of the fragile environment in which we all live. Dubai National Park is also tasked with the mission of preventing the extinction of endangered animals and with conservation efforts.

Dubai has a number of shopping malls. Stores include familiar brands and high end brands that you may not be familiar with. The malls are a combined shopping experience and treasure trove of the unique culture that awaits visitors.

Dubai Creek
Take a leisurely in an abra water taxi along Dubai Creek. Intensive dredging efforts have made the creek navigable by water taxi and provide a waterway for barges and tourists. Remnants of the first settlement in Dubai are found near the entrance of the creek. The three locations where you can catch an abra are Al Garhoud Bridge, Al Makthoum Bridge and Al Shindaga.

Camel Races
These are easily as popular as horse races are in the U.S. (and maybe even more so). They happen somewhere in the city on an almost weekly basis. Check with your hotel staff or concierge upon arrival for information on times and locations.

There are many reasons to visit Dubai. The link above has the full scoop on attractions and holidays to this bustling desert oasis.

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