Monday, July 30, 2012

Family lunch at Litton's

We just left from having a family lunch at Litton's. There were about 25 of us. Even on a Monday the place was busy. In fact, the only thing that was bigger than the Litton's burger platter is the crowd.

The restaurant wouldn't take our reservation so we were spread over different tables in the main seating section. Oh to have had one of the semi-private dining rooms at Litton's! But, that was not to be. The conversation flow was interesting but we worked it out.

What was impressive is how well the servers at Litton's handled the orders. They took put the name of each person by the order on the ticket. At my table, we all ordered burger plates with different variations. Our drinks were different and we succumbed to temptation by ordering different desserts.

The server was able to keep all food and drink orders straight. I didn't hear anything to the contrary from anyone else. All the food was on one bill. Even it was accurate and without problems.

It was a positive experience overall. My burger was dry and a little bland. That's not totally unexpected given the circumstances. The french fries were hot and tasted great (a definite plus)!

Reservations and/or a semi-private room would have enhanced our experience at Litton's in Fountain City. However; the service was great and the food was good so I won't rule out a future visit to Litton's.

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