Tuesday, July 03, 2012

How to keep laminate flooring looking good

We have been enjoying the laminate flooring in our home. The church installed the floor right before we moved in. I like the durability and it just looks beautiful. We have lived in homes with hard wood floors before but never one with laminate. I have been researching care techniques on the internet. This is what I have found so far. But, if you have other ideas or suggestions please do chime in.

Felt pads
To minimize scratches, we've placed felt pads on every chair and under our couch. These let the furniture scoot without leaving damage. They are easily picked up at Wal-Mart or the hardware store.

Use a soft broom
We purchased a soft plastic one and also a dust mop. My vacuum has a hardwood floor setting. The attachments help me get hard to reach spots. I use the suction power to remove dirt that I've swept up. It works much better than a dustpan.

Wipe spills promptly
The laminate is throughout the house and it includes the kitchen. There haven't been any big spills but there have been drips here and there. We wipe up every spill as quickly as we can.

Use a special cleaner
A friend warned me against using vinegar or soap. These can dull the surface and ultimately damage the floor. I picked up a special cleaner at the hardware store. It's specially designed to clean and polish the surface of the laminate.

We've lived in the home for a year and the floor still looks great. Everyone who owns laminate has her or his own favorite tips. These work for me but I'm open to other suggestions. Please feel free to leave a comment to add your care suggestions.

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