Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to find vacation promo codes that work for my family

Coupons and vacation promo codes can help you save big bucks on vacation.

Friends and family frequently ask me how to save money on a vacation or weekend getaway. Without the coupons and the other discounts, then I would probably be at home a little more often. It pays to look online and offline to get the best travel deals. Here are a few of the places that I have begun checking for promo codes and coupons.

Sunset in Kingston, Tennessee
Frugal Dad isn't strictly a travel site.
However; it packs lots of information that can be helpful for vacations, getaways and other tips to help you maximize your dollar. Frugal Dad does provide promo codes in many posts. These are almost always worth a look. After all, it's no secret that every penny saved is another penny that you can spend on travel.

State and local tourism sites
I love, love, love these! You can request a vacation packet or coupon book that is often packed with vacation savings. Most of the state and local tourism sites have a simple online form to fill out. If you don't see a form, then look for an email address or phone number.

Chambers of Commerce
These are just as helpful as state sites and can sometimes be a better help in terms of local content. The information and promo codes are specific to your destination. This can make it easier to find (and use) those vacation values.

Online sites
Typing “travel promo codes for (insert vacation destination)” into your favorite search engine yields hundreds of results. The best coupons or vacation deals are not always on the first couple of pages. Take time to sift through the links before deciding which deal is perfect for your family. If you want to save on traveling expenses, there are many online coupon sites like coupons.answers.com.

For me, combining these techniques works best. I am almost always able to find promo codes that work for my family. Without promo codes and travel deals, snagging photos like the one I took above would be impossible.
Happy travels!

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