Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on furnishing our home

If you follow my blog,then you already know that most of the places my family has lived has been fully furnished. This house is the exception and I'm having fun furnishing the home. It is taking forever but the empty rooms are a blank canvas upon which I can decorate. For the first time, I am able to purchase furnishings that I think my family will enjoy without the worry about what anyone else thinks. 

It is a rare opportunity and I am glad to be able to do this. It is my first experience in decorating an entire house from the flooring up to the ceiling. (We get to paint too!) Up until last year, I have only been able to make selections for a single room.

When visitors first enter the home the first thing that they see is our dining room. A new set is on the list of possibilities. Our current set came from the thrift shop. I decorated it with travel brochures and we absolutely love the pieces. However; it only seats four and we can use something larger.   I mentioned to a friend that we might need something larger and was surprised when she told me about ordering dining room tables online.

Any set that I buy absolutely must mix well with the family heirloom china cabinets that we inherited from Hubby's grandmother. The dining room table set must also seat at least six people comfortably. I looked at the link that my friend passed along to me and am intrigued by the company. Several of the dining sets look like they might fit our needs.

The only downside is that everything from the company comes disassembled. There is the option to pay extra and have someone assemble the pieces. I can barely put a cardboard box together but Hubby is pretty good with tools. However; of the two of us his time is more limited. Assembly is definitely a consideration so I don't know about ordering off of the internet.

Finding the right pieces for our home is a painstaking process. My goal is to combine aesthetically pleasing thrift shop pieces with newly purchased home furnishings for a mix that works. So far we are happy with the results in the other rooms. I'm looking forward to seeing how furnishing the rest of our home works out.

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