Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why I purchased wedding serving pieces

Ever since my daughter's wedding, I have been asked where we got those great serving pieces. A lot of the questions are centered around the five gallon drink dispensers, trays and other supplies. Pulling everything together was a lot of fun, but finding some of the pieces was a little challenging.

Our local Restaurant Supply company was outrageously expensive on what we needed. I was also shocked at how much renting the linens was going to be. The prices at a Hospitality Supplies & Hotel Catering Supplies place were through the roof. I started searching everywhere for the best deals.

Sam's Wholesale Club had the exact glass canisters that I wanted for the reception. They cost about $30 bucks each and had the sturdy footed bottoms that help prevent tipping.

The caveat about the glass canisters is
that water poured through the drinking spouts slowly. Hubby replaced them easily with spouts that we purchased from These cost about $3.00 each and worked great.

Metal punch bowl and linens were ordered from online sources. Glass punch cups were bought from local thrift shops and a couple of bowls were picked up there. Other than that, we already owned most of the glass serving pieces that were used.

Grandmother's antique punch bowl held the birdseed and the silverplate platter graced the serving table at the wedding. Tucking in a few other heirloom pieces from our family helped make the wedding even more special.

Chaffing dishes can be difficult to find. We already had one but were prepared to go to a Restaurant Equipment house for more. However, some work with our phenomenal caterer made it unnecessary.We are going to sell a few pieces but that's all.

Our elder daughter will be graduating from college this fall and other celebrations are coming over the next couple of years. We always have celebrations during the holidays and serving dishes come in handy for church dinners.

Nothing had to be rushed to a rental company after the reception. Purchasing linens online turned out to be less expensive than renting. I'm convinced that our decision to purchase wedding reception serving pieces was the way to go. Next up on the reception planning list was to hire our wedding coordinator.

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