Thursday, August 09, 2012

A plague called connectivity issues

My household is undergoing a plague of connectivity issues.Yesterday, we gave up on our Verizon mifi. It seems that we must have worn it out after just over a year. I have enjoyed every minute of use that we have squeezed out of the mifi. The assumption at this point is that it died from technological old age. Only an autopsy will tell us for sure.

We're still figuring out what to do about the leftover pieces from my last car repair. For this reason, I have respectfully forbidden Hubby from trying to fix the Mifi.

Instead, he dutifully reported to Verizon that the modem appeared to have succumbed to its death throes. Verizon sent a replacement via overnight and a little coffin for the return of the deceased Mifi. Now it seems that interference from recent thunderstorms is contributing to the connectivity plague.

 This post is coming from my dumb cell phone. I mean this literally. It's an older model that masquerades as a smart phone. No aps and limited features. The plus side is that I got it as a refurbished unit for only a few dollars. It's good for light remote blogging and for Mifi blog posting emergencies (like now). Hopefully everything will soon return to normal and I'll be back to my regular blogging again soon.

In the meantime, RIP little Mifi. You deserve it.

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