Saturday, August 25, 2012

Outdoor Knoxfest shows off Knoxville recreation spots

Outdoor Knoxfest highlights the outdoor recreation opportunities in Knoxville. Even though we live in an urban area, Knoxville offers almost every type of outdoor recreation that you can think of. In some ways, Outdoor Knoxfest happens all year long. Here are a few of the activites that you can enjoy.

You don't have to look far to find a greenway in this town. From the West end to the East end, South side and North side, they are everywhere. Spend an hour or a day. Walk, jog or ride a bike. The possibilities are endless. Don't believe me? You'll want to read more about the greenways in Knoxville.

Dog at dog park
Dog parks
Being outdoors is good for you and good for Fido. Knoxville has several dog parks choose from. Our dog enjoys them all. Because the locations are convenient, we tend to visit Dogwood Dog Park at Victor Ashe Park and the Pet Safe downtown Dog Park. However; all seem to be excellent and to have water available.

Most of the dog parks in Knoxville are two sided. One half of the park is for dogs that weigh 30 pounds or less. The other side is for bigger dogs. Right now there are only a handful of these types of parks in Knoxville but additional dog parks are being opened.

Of course, Knoxville recreation wouldn't be the same without all the blueways. There a ton of lakes, rivers and streams to be explored. Clicking the greenways link above will take you to a site that includes information about the blueways.

Tyson Park is the place for skatesboards and other types of recreation. The entrance is on Kingston Pike, just off of I-40 and is more-or-less at the tip of the Cumberland Avenue strip. Here's the full scoop on the Knoxville skatepark.

Trails line some of the blueways, are a part of the greenways and every park in Knoxville. Singletrack trails for mountain bikes is part of Concord Park. There is also Haw Ridge in nearby Oak Ridge. Riders may want to explore both.

A beloved outdoor recreation opportunity in Knoxville is hiking. The famed nearby Appalachian Trail turned 75 in 2012 and the mountains are filled with hiking trails. But, you don't have to leave town to find a hiking trail. Greenways throughout the city offer an urban hiking experience. Paved trails at some parks making enjoying the great outdoors accessible for just about everyone.

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