Friday, August 10, 2012

Vacations can lead to lifetime homes

It's no secret that sometimes vacations turn into lifetime homes. For some, a vacation to another city or state provides the perfect opportunity to get the feel of an area before taking the plunge to relocate. This can be especially true for retirees, single adults and for those who are looking at a potential job relocation. This may have happened to Hubby and myself a few years ago.

Being part of a mission team in Alaska gave us an opportunity to explore the culture and the area. Taking a few days of vacation time after the trip helped give us an experience that we had previously only been able to read about. Our results were positive. The people in Alaska are warm and friendly and the mountains are reminiscent of home. In short, we now feel comfortable enough to explore future retirement options.

From talking with agents from companies like rio verde real estate, we're not the only ones to have gone this route. Housing market instability may even make this a growing trend. If you are thinking about relocating your home, then taking a vacation there first may make sense.

While there, pay attention to which parts of town appeal to you the most. Decide what things are the most important to you. Do you want to be close to grocery stores and shopping? Does being close to a house of worship speak to your heart? Drive around for a few days until you get a good feel for the area. Pick up housing and apartment books.

Then, make a few calls to real estate agents to decide who you can work with. We are fortunate in that regard. Both of us liked the real estate agent that we met on the mission trip. She's local and seems very sharp so we'll probably call her. Most of all, she seems to be the type that will help us do more homework. To me, for a vacation to lead into a lifetime home, her depth of knowledge and appealing personality will be invaluable.

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