Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dramatic storm clouds over McMinn County, Tennessee

Here are some storm clouds over McMinn County, Tennessee. I took the photos at church. We were afraid that it was going to get crazy for awhile but we lucked out. All that we got was rain. It did mean cancelling the holiday fireworks show. We were all a little sad but that but we really can't complain.

Storms over McMinn Co, TN
When we travel, it's always my fear that we'll run into monster storms like these. They're becoming more commonplace in the south and in our area so it's really important to keep an eye out.

From blizzards to tornado producing storms,  we have run into foul weather in Oklahoma, North Carolina and other states. It's definitely not what you want to have happen on vacation!

My family stays fairly prepared at home but that's not necessarily the case when we travel. I've talked about bad weather on my blog before.

Labor Day in McMinn Co, TN

We're getting better at listening to local radio stations when the skies darken. I've also been able to get weather updates by stopping at rest areas and welcome centers. Checking my phone and using WI-FI at restaurants have been helpful too.

Listening to local authorities can be more important when you travel than staying at home. They are an excellent source of information but they also know the area better than we usually do. Keep snacks and water and a blanket in the car. These make any trip go smoother and can make emergency weather more bearable.

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