Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fujifilm photos from Bald River Falls on the Cherohala Skyway

My Fujifilm camera continues to impress me. I am getting more out of it every time I go out. We took another road trip to the Cherohala Skyway so I could get more shots of Bald River Falls. (Love the place). Changing the camera settings makes a huge difference in the quality of the photos. Here are a couple of the new shots. They haven't been printed yet, but they look pretty good onscreen.

This is one of my favorite photography spots but I'm maxing out my camera capabilities. An upgrade is probably in my future after we get the car repairs and taxes done. Hubby and Daughter love their Nikon cameras so I'm definitely considering the brand. The lenses are interchangeable between the different models. I am hoping that will cut down on the cost. Nikon also has an unmatched reputation for durability. If you know me, then you know that durability is always a good idea.
Getting a new camera is long way off. My new Fujifilm is working for me and I still enjoy it. The superzoom is the feature that I use the most often. It's been nice to not have to carry a bag full of lenses and other equipment.

Although I may upgrade to a Nikon, the Fujifilm will still be on my shelf. A small camera can be used in places that aren't conducive to a large set-up. Having the best of both worlds will be nice. Until then, I'll keep tweaking the photo settings and taking photos like these.

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