Friday, September 07, 2012

Hot tips for camping during fall break

Camping trips for fall break help students get away for relaxing adventure. This article has a few tips that will add to the experience. My family never fails to enjoy being next to nature. Camping provides that and more.

Do some research before you head out the door. What will the weather be like? Depending on where you camp, you can expect cool nights and warm days. It can turn cold on a moment's notice during fall break. Pack and prepare for each weather type. Short sleeves overlaid with a flannel shirt or light jacket will keep are good daytime choices. When camping at night, you will generally want something warm and soft to sleep in.

This overlook is near a park campground.
Staying warm
No matter how warm the campfire is, you may want a blanket. A blanket or quilt is almost a necessity. Inexpensive fleece blankets are easily picked up  at places like Wal-Mart or Target. I have also seen them near the checkout at Walgreens.

There is no substitution for warm bedding when camping. Sleeping bags have different ratings. If yours isn't rated for cold weather, then bring an extra blanket or comforter. A space saving step is for the cover to do double duty for sleeping and the campfire.

Commercial campground or park
College students on fall break often choose parks. Parks put you in the great outdoors and give some of the comforts of home. They cost less than a commercial campground but can still let you plug-in to electricity.

Commercial campgrounds cost more than parks. Depending the interests of your family they may be worth the extra money. Some have heated swimming pools, mini-golf, easily accessible camp stores and onsite breakfast that you won't get from camping in a park. Families who are on fall break may appreciate these extra touches.

Usual camping supplies
Fall break camping trips still need all the usual gear. Bug spray, sunscreen, cookware and utensils are  always needed. Unless you purchase firewood, then a small hatchet is needed. Scavenge from the great outdoors or buy it. Bundles of firewood are almost always available at the campgrounds for only a few dollars. Buying instead of collecting frees up time to do something else.

Tent or cabin
Tents are rated by season. Three season tents are rated for use for everything except cold weather. One season tents are for summer or warm weather use and a four season tent can be used year round. Again, consider the area and weather for where you are going camping. Choose appropriate equipment.

If you aren't sure that your tent is up to the job, then opt for a cabin at a national park. Many campgrounds in national, state and local parks rent cabins. It's a given that commercial campgrounds have them. A little online research will help you find them.

These tips for fall break camping can help you have more fun. Relaxing and being in the great outdoors can be just what you need after midterms or a hectic school year. Enjoy!

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