Sunday, September 02, 2012

Last minute Labor Day trip

Are you looking for a last minute Labor Day trip idea? My friend just phoned with her dilemma. Her husband had to work so they didn't make any holiday plans. Surprise! Her husband came home from work early and they can now do something fun for Labor Day. She knows that I always have ideas and that's why she phoned.

How long you go for a last minute Labor Day road trip depends on how much time you have. If you are like my friend, then you may only have overnight. Some of these ideas can be put into place even if you only have a day.

Explore the area
In Knoxville, we're fortunate to live near mountains and lakes. These can be great for a daylong Labor Day trip. Toss a picnic basket or cooler into the car and go travel. Throwing in a few towels is a good idea. You never know when the urge to wade into a creek is going to hit you.

Offset pricey accommodations by staying close to home

If you want a quick getaway, then go to the next town. Reservations may be tricky for an overnight stay. Be prepared to pay more for rooms on a last minute Labor Day trip. You can alleviate this pinch by going somewhere close to home. Driving to the next town or going to the mountains are often fun getaways.

Parks, monuments, historic areas
Just about every city has a park or greenway and most have historic areas. These are often free and can be less crowded for a weekend getaway than national attractions. Some sites may have music or a small festival that you can enjoy.

Check for small attractions
Look in the newspaper or online for small attractions that others might overlook. Knoxville is the home to the largest Labor Day fireworks show anywhere. Boomsday brings lots of visitors to town but may not be the best for last minute travel. In contrast, a church in rural McMinn County in hosting a fireworks show. It will be shorter than the Boomsday spectacular but the crowd will be small and the parking easier.

Movies, malls, museums
If greenspaces aren't your thing, then travel to a museum or mall. They are good options for last minute Labor Day travel. The Knoxville Art Museum in Tennessee has interesting exhibits and cool air conditioning. Not in Knoxville? An quick online search can reveal museums that are in your area.

Theme parks or zoos
Knoxville isn't far from Dollywood in Pigeon Forge but it can be crowded over Labor Day weekend. Even advance planning won't alleviate the lines and parking. Still, it can be a good idea for a last minute trip.

The zoo may be less crowded than you think. It's a good travel option for families. Children enjoy seeing the animals. If your travel includes a hotel, then let the kids cool off with a quick dip in the pool.

What about you?
Are you planning a very last minute Labor Day trip? These ideas are the tip of the iceberg. What are some of your suggestions?

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