Tuesday, September 18, 2012

See my new Zazzle store for photography, mousepads and more

You asked about items that feature my photography and I listened. My new Zazzle store carries everything from postcards to skins and lots of things in between. You can get mugs, household items, shirts, mousepads and more. Plus, you can customize the items to get the look that you want.

Because You've Been Reviewed is a travel blog, a wider variety of photos appear in more store than they do here. Photos of Cades Cove, state parks and the Smoky Mountains are available in the Zazzle store. There are also some structural shots of Union Station in Washington, D.C. and an electric tower that might capture your interest.

Each purchase nets about 10% - 15% of the selling price. Some of the items may seem pricey at first but Zazzle has us covered. They run specials and discounts just about all of the time.

Bulk items seem to almost always be discounted and you don't have to buy two of the same item to get the bulk discount.

If you like a photograph that's on one postcard and then another catches your eye, it's ok. You can get the discount on both. However; that does not work when buying different items (like a mug and a mousepad) it has to be the same type of item.

I am excited about the new possibilities and hope that you'll visit the store. If you want to look at my photos without purchasing, then that is okay too. My work is also on Red Gage.

My photos were taken almost exclusively with my superzoom that I've written about it here. The camera has been a steady, reliable piece of equipment that produces clear pictures. It's bigger than a point and shoot so handling it took time to learn but it also takes better pictures.

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