Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our visit to Fazoli's in Cleveland, Tennessee

My husband and I just visited Fazoli's in Cleveland, Tennessee. We didn't dine here to write a review so that's an added bonus. Fazoli's restaurant serves pizza, pasta dishes and salads. It's not a 'mom and pop' place and it's not the Olive Garden. It's still pretty good.

The restaurant has a fast food type of atmosphere in terms of dress and family friendliness. Classic Italian music was playing. The restaurant was noisy but we could still carry a conversation.

Fazoli's Cleveland, TN 

Customers walk up to the counter to order. The server will give your cups to you, some breadsticks and an order number. Help yourself to the Coca-Cola drink station. Staff delivers your order on regular plates (not the paper stuff) and comes by with straight-from-the-oven breadsticks.

We both ordered the Baked Penne combo at Fazoli's. Our entrees were hot when they arrived at the table. I'll estimate the oval dish at 8" long and 3" deep. Slices of Italian sausage are on top of a marinara-laden bed of penne. Bubbly, golden brown mozzarella covered the dish. We enjoyed it but I did add extra Parmesan and red pepper at the table.

I was pleasantly surprised at the side salad that came with the meal. The cereal sized bowl was filled to the top with lettuce and cubes of tomatoes and cheese. Fazoli's uses shredded lettuce on the salads. It's not my favorite but then again, we're not talking fine dining. The salad was fresh and crisp so I was happy.

The cost compares to lunch at Panera. Our ticket at Fazoli's in Cleveland was $20.69. Our last visit to Panera set us back $23 and we didn't need takeout boxes.

Internet tip
This Fazoli's has free Wi-Fi in the restaurant. (Check here to for Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.)We had an interesting experience with this. The two plugs that are in the restaurant are on either side of the drink island. Our connection was almost nill at our first table. When we moved to the electrical outlet that was closer to the front door our signal increased substantially.

My last word on the restaurant review is that we'll probably be back. We'll sit at the electrical outlet closest to the front door, but we'll be back to the Fazoli's in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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