Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sonic unsweet peach tea and diet strawberry limeade

After hearing that Sonic is has flavored teas, I had to check them out. Hubby and I made post-workday run to the Sonic in Etowah, Tennessee. We tried to make it for half-price drinks during the Sonic Happy Hour but my schedule wouldn't allow for it.

The flavors that we tried are the unsweet peach tea and the diet strawberry limeade. The tea is made with regular unsweet tea to which peach flavoring has been added. The flavoring was sweet enough that I didn't add any extra sweetener. Drinking it with a straw is fine. For this drink, Sonic uses a flavoring that is without any chunks of fruit.

It had a light peach flavor that tasted good without overpowering the medium sized drink. If I was ordering a large, then an extra shot of flavoring would be in order. I'd go with two additional shots if ordering the huge Route 44 drink.

Hubby had the diet strawberry limeade. This flavoring combines syrupy chunks of strawberry with a fizzily limeade.  The tangy diet drink flavor was in sharp contrast to the relatively sweet strawberry mixture. For me, it was a little strong at first. I got used to it in a few sips and could then appreciate the flavor.

Speaking of flavor, Sonic has a wide variety of flavorings. You can create any mixture that you so choose. The half-price Sonic Happy Hour is from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. If you arrive before 10:00 am, the drinks are .99 each.

Another reason to buy a soft drink is the Limeades for Learning and other corporate programs.  Check out the community programs on the Sonic website.

We paid 4.23 w/tax for the drinks at the Sonic in Etowah, Tennessee. I've already returned for another unsweet peach tea. This could very well be my latest favorite drink.

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