Thursday, October 18, 2012

EF Tours offers domestic and international student travel

My eldest daughter is going to travel to Africa next year. When she told me, my first question was to ask if it is being booked through EF Tours. From the moment my daughter hears the words "student travel" she is ready to pack her bags and head for the airport. Instead of using EF Tours, the trip is being organized directly through the seminary and do this every year.

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Another educational tour company is NETC and there are others. My daughter is looking forward to flying and is thrilled about her entire upcoming trip to Africa. I am grateful that the leaders of this trip have experience.

Like most college students, my daughter has a tendency to let seemingly small details fall by the wayside. With experienced team leaders, I don't have to worry about that so much.

EF Tours has a reputation for offering educational tours throughout the globe. Professors who sign up six students can travel for free. This helps ensures that a professor or teacher who is familiar with the students can afford the trip. This is comforting for nervous parents. Most of the trips (if not all) are teamed up with a local tour guide which is another plus!

Even though my daughter's school is not using this company, The EF Tours website has a lot of information that she can use. Tasks like how to get a passport, converting currency or navigating an airport can be daunting for adults and confusing for students. The company website answers these questions and more.

One of the nice points about the is the other travel insurance plans that they offer. Local insurance generally doesn't cover international travel. College students always think that they are invincible but my daughter learned otherwise. We received the benefits of the coverage on our big road trip.

One of her friends became ill when she was in another country  and had problems getting home. Another student came to her aid but there was some anxiety for awhile. Travel insurance from EF Tours can lessen the stress. Smart college students won't leave home without it.

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