Sunday, October 07, 2012

Our used wedding items

My daughter had the wedding that she wanted. She, her husband and their friends all had a good time. It is now time for me to clean house. We have tons of wedding items that are no longer needed. I am placing several items for sale on the Knoxville Craigslist.

If you need any used wedding items, just let me know. I have a bunch of things that aren't listed yet. A few of my friends questioned my plan to purchase some items and then to sell them as used items. My cost on these wedding items are about the same or even less than renting them. Plus, owning them outright saves me the worry of losing pieces and the stress of having to turn things in by a certain time.
A list of items is after this jump.

Selling the wedding items lets me recoup some of the initial investment on my daughter's wedding and offer them at a lower cost. Just because the items are recycled from one event doesn't mean that they aren't in great shape. Every item here is in excellent or like-new condition but without the high dollar price tag. As an item goes, it will be deleted from the lest. As I find more things, then they will be added.

To my friends who have events coming up, let me say not to worry. A few things are being put back for weddings, graduations and other events. These are what we have left.
  • Glass 4.75 beverage dispenser and two matching glass platters
  • Ceramic serving bowl with metal rim as pictured
  • Vintage glass bowl with metal rim (pictured)
  • 8 Unused gold chargers
  • 1 Vintage glass punchbowl 
  • 2 piece set of boxed serving trays
  • Miscellaneous items
lf something catches your eye, then let me know. I'm pretty sure that we can work things out. Take care!

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