Monday, October 15, 2012

Reflections on the Occupy Camp in Washington, DC

When I heard that the theme for Blog Action Day 2012 is "The Power of We" I wondered how it could be reflected on a travel blog. Then I remembered taking the Megabus to Washington, D.C. to cover the Occupy movement there.

As my daughter and I carefully stepped between the tents I realized how different the camp was from what was depicted in some news accounts. What we saw was orderly and neat. Despite the rain and cold, people were gathering in each others' tents.

We could have been standing in a campground or on a group outing. Instead, what we were seeing was the Power of We occupying Washington, D.C. and it was powerful.

Tents were everywhere. Those who didn't have insurance could receive basic medical attention at the first aid tent. There was a library, church and a place where meals were being prepared.

These days you can catch an airplane to fly anywhere in the world. It's easy to miss connections with each other and lose out on what's important. One of the things that struck me is how lucky we are to be in the United States.

Whether you agree or disagree with the movement is secondary to the fact that we can assemble and speak out for what we feel is right. Gatherings like this aren't a right but a privilege. The power of we is our insurance policy so that we can continue to gather and speak out for what we believe. Out of all of my travels, this little group of tents and campers may have taught me one of my most important lessons. If you go to D.C. be sure to read my Restaurant Review of the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, DC.

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