Monday, October 08, 2012

Summer's Coming to an End

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I love Texas, don’t get me wrong, but boy am I glad summer’s about to be over. I moved here from Oregon for a great job offer and I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere as hot in my entire life. And that’s saying a lot – I’ve traveled to Africa and back! Being here in Texas the first few months was tough because I didn’t know anyone and my job had me working LONG hours. To make matters worse the AC unit in the condo I bought went out my second week in and since it was only April I didn’t think too much of it. Big mistake. Come June I was cursing my broken AC unit and I had to pay someone thousands to come in and fix it.

The good news was the AC guy told me about some electric companies in Dallas I hadn’t heard of and I did some research and started saving money on my utility bills, so that was nice. The downside was that during the summer I had to run my AC 24 hours a day so the dog wouldn’t die at home while I was at work! One good thing about Oregon was the temperature…sure it got kind of cold in the winter but in general I would say it was pretty temperate there – I probably only used my air conditioning for a month out of the year, total.

Anyway, I don’t live there anymore so I’m going to have to get used to it! Another thing that killed me about the heat was my hair. I’ve never had a lot of trouble or actually even given much thought to it at all but when the humidity went up here, so did my hair. I have naturally curly hair and it was just NOT having this heat! I guess next year I’m going to have to invest in some good leave-in conditioner…that should be cheaper than a new air conditioning unit, I guess!

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