Monday, November 19, 2012

Dallas air conditioning repair

This time of year we focus on heating and forget that summer will soon return. Dallas air conditioning repair may be your best bet for a/c repair in hot weather. In the south, it really can get hot enough to melt asphalt. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to see this happen with my own eyes in Tennessee. The ministry center that we were working with was tiny but it had a paved black asphalt parking lot. Every day we would drag racks of clothing out of the central building and bring them into the asphalt. This attracted the attention of passers-by and always brought in traffic.

This was our second center without asphalt.
A sweltering late July afternoon was the worst. The asphalt absorbed the heat. Then, the air went out in the tiny room that we used as an office. Selling clothing and furnishings was nearly impossible inside the shop. (We could have used a Dallas air conditioning repair at that point.) Fortunately, one of our volunteers had enough knowledge to get the a/c unit working again.

The day was hot and we were there longer than normal while the air conditioning was being worked on. All this time, the heavy racks of clothing were sitting on the pavement. We felt that as long as we were there that day, we may as well keep the outside portion of the store open. It wasn't until we went to move the racks back inside that we noticed the dimples in the asphalt. The racks had begun to sink into the hot asphalt at the ministry center.

Dry hot weather is extremely dangerous because you can dehydrate without realizing it. You may feel queasy or have a headache. I've also experienced dehydration effects and they're not fun. If you're in Texas and you begin having problems, then do yourself a favor. Call Dallas air conditioning repair and get them to look at your unit. Don't wait until you're sick or until the asphalt melts on your driveway.

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