Monday, November 26, 2012

Recreation and nature can aid in recovery process

Did you know that one of the best paths to recovery from drugs or alcohol is to get back to nature? I used to work with a nonprofit who taught clients how to live in tents. They went hiking, spent time with horses and learned how to build a campfire!

Old Copper Road Trail, Tennessee
It wasn't all fun and games. Serious recovery work and self-esteem soared as participants learned new skills. This half-way type of environment isn't for everyone. However; several people reported that hiking in national parks or similar surroundings helped them maintain recovery.

Some places, like the treatment center tailor a broader approach that can meet the needs of more people. Recreation activities, training in life skills and they also offer treatment that is faith based.

The website above has a link to every state in the U.S. Clicking on the link for Tennessee taught me a good deal about our fine state. We are surrounded by the Smoky Mountains National Park is the most heavily visited national park in the country. Traffic can be heavy here during the fall color season.

Southeast Tennessee is bordered by the Cherokee National Forest. (Search for articles on both of these attractions on this blog.) It is popular in the fall, but like its sister park it too can receive heavy traffic in the spring.

All of these factor into a drug abuse problem among some people. Heavy forests can hide marijuana plants. Some people celebrate college football wins with alcohol and develop problems later in life. After all, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville is home to the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

The west end of the state is pretty but in a different way. Memphis, in West Tennessee is also a college town. Reelfoot Lake is not far from Memphis and is a popular state park.

Tennessee isn't that different from any other state. No matter where a person lives, it's important to get help when it's needed. The website link above can help you do that. It also has information that may be helpful for friends or family members.

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