Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving community service in Etowah, Tennessee

One of the best things about small towns in the way everyone comes together. The Thanksgiving community service in Etowah, Tennessee is a prime example. Churches from the Southeast McMinn County were represented and several pastors participated.

The community had special reasons to give thanks. Everyone at the service had their own story and their own reason for being there. The Etowah area has faced our trials and tribulations this year. Mother Nature wreaked havoc, a nearby church closed, there have been job challenges... you name it. Everyone who attended had something to be thankful about.

A love offering was collected at the Etowah Thanksgiving service. People could give as they could or not. The funds that were raised will benefit the needy here in our community. It's another example of how people in a small town comes together to help each other.

In Etowah, there's no such as just having someone live next door. You know them. They are your friend, family or sometimes your confident. When one hurts, the community hurts and we try to help each other when we can. That's something else to be thankful for at the Thanksgiving community service and all year around.

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