Saturday, November 24, 2012

Try the Christmas Cafe by the Etowah Senior Citizens on Parade Day

This just in about the Christmas parade in Etowah, Tennessee for 2012. I have been asked to mention that  the Senior Citizens are having their annual Christmas Cafe. Many thanks to our blog reader for telling me about the cafe. After hearing about the cafe, I know that I have to stop by.

The inside scoop from our reader is that the Senior Citizens have are serving up some delicious-sounding  vegetable soup and wonderful homemade cookies. There is going to be some homemade candy for sale and lots of other goodies. This might be a great spot to warm-up and stop in for a meal before the Etowah Christmas parade begins.

The Senior Citizens Christmas Cafe is in the Enterprise Building. You'll find the cafe across from the Etowah Carnegie Library on Ohio Avenue. Since the building is across from the library. Click this link for the map.

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