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An interview with wedding esthetician and make-up artist Julia Shepard

My daughter is extremely fortunate to have had a licensed esthetician to do her make-up at her wedding. Every bride wants to be beautiful on her wedding day and my daughter was no exception. In addition to being a licensed esthetician, Julia Shepard is also a make-up artist. Hiring her was definitely the right decision. Not only was the make-up flawless but she built up the girls' wedding confidence. The bride and each bridesmaid radiated as they glided down the aisle.

Bridesmaid after: Copyright Julia Shepard
Make no mistake. An esthetician is not someone who happens to sell make-up at the department store.  An esthetician is a licensed professional who can perform all kinds of skin care related services. 

Facials, waxing, body treatments and minimal massage techniques are no problem for the esthetician. At a wedding, having someone with this skill set takes a lot of the pressure off the bride and bridesmaids.

Interviewing esthetician Julia Shepard helped me understand how her work differs from that of a make-up artist. I have known Julia for several years and found her to be a wedding team asset.

Here's what she had to say during the interview.

Gayle: Hi Julia, thanks for agreeing to do the interview for You've Been Reviewed. From our first meeting to the conclusion of the wedding process, your professionalism was impressive. Can you tell me what kind of training you need to become an esthetician?

Julia: Esthetics or skin care training, requires 750 hours of training at a cosmetology school. Roughly it takes about 6 months to complete. This is for the basic training. Make up, body treatments, or specific training to a spa or salon location is additional.

Gayle: What made you want to become an esthetician?
Julia: I've always enjoyed girly-girl things like make up. When I was laid off from a job of 10 years, I knew that I didnt want to continue in that line of work. It took me a while to realize that I wanted to help people but on a more personal level. Esthetics allows me that opportunity. I can have a client in the worst kind of mood, but after I have given them a facial or a foot massage they are relaxed and feeling better. I can change someone's day with a little time and my hands. 

Gayle: My daughter was blown away at your first meeting. You talked about skin care, toner and brought diagrams. Can you say more about how an esthetician to do for a bride?
Julia: An esthetican can design a complete skin care regimen for the bride. Depending the brides goals for her skin on her wedding day, and the skin's condition, I can help her achieve that aim. This starts with a consultation prior to the wedding. At the same time I also discuss the make up and what look she wants for her special day along with how many in the bridal party are wanting make up services.
     Also, if she wants to have a "Spa Party" I can come to their location and give services to a small group, such as the bridal party.This would include mini facials, scalp, foot or hand massages, a neck and shoulder massage or a hand and foot treatment.

Gayle:Life holds lots of celebration opportunities. What are some other occasions where an esthetician might be useful?
Julia: In my case, I have done make up applications for proms, choir performances and special events including a large formal birthday party.

Gayle:What should a bride expect from an esthetician in terms of service, pricing and contracts?
Julia: A good esthetician will be thorough in a consultation. They should discuss expectations on both sides. In my case, I ask my clients to search for pictures 
of make up they like. I bring additional pictures for a variety. I discuss the skin care and set out a time line for goals to be accomplished prior to the wedding day. I discuss hair removal options. I want to ensure that I have a glowing bride walking down the aisle.
     Pricing is going to vary. A full time professional make up artist may charge by the hour or the client. For me I charge per client a set price. This price is subject to increase if I have to include driving more than 20 miles from my home. If I have more than 5 clients per wedding, then the bride's make up is free. There is also a deposit due to hold the date.  
Bridesmaid after; Copyright Julia Shepard
Contracts will ensure that expectations are met. They guarantee when, and where the event is taking place. That the fees are agreed upon and that everyone is satisfied.

Gayle:What do you need from a bride in terms of the above questions?

Julia: I need to know how many people are needing make up services so that I can arrange a proper amount of time for each client. I need to know where the event is and what facilities are available to me. And, of course the date and time! I want to ensure that I get everyone where they need to be on time!

Gayle: Like many brides, my daughter is not easy to please. You did a stellar job at the wedding. How can a bride get in touch with you to find out more?
Julia:  I can be emailed at mtn1lvr@yahoo.com or called at 865-936-4742.

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