Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift ideas for men

The countdown clock is ticking away and holiday shopping is coming down to the wire. Christmas gift ideas for men are on the minds of many people. Ideas are also needed for birthdays, anniversaries and the all-important occasion of Father's Day.

Knowing what gift to buy leaves many of us wracking our brains in frustration. There are only so many neckties that a man can own (and some men don't wear them anyway.) Small screwdrivers and tool-kits are often well received but are problematic. Small multi-tools may be helpful for men who travel. However; like the items listed above they are often tools that many guys already own.

Changing weather patterns are making some men ( women) interested in purchasing a generator. It isn't the usual gift but why not? Generators range from small units to large ones that can provide back-up electricity for houses. If you are looking for gift ideas for men, then looking at the generators on this website may not be a bad idea.

Does your guy like to travel, camp or go backpacking? If so, then you are in luck. A whole world of ideas is literally at your fingertips. A few clicks can make it possible to find just the right vacation or gift.

Here are some gift ideas for men that travel that you will want to check out.

Sturdy backpack
These are a must for camping, backpacking or for getting around in the airport. Sturdy backpacks are made by several companies. Look for one with good seams, a well padded laptop area and pockets for small items and bottled water.

Camp supplies
Gift ideas for men who like to camp can include everything from sub-zero sleeping bags to a stocking stuffer sized first-aid kit. Take your guy for a casual stroll around a camping store. You will have plenty of ideas of what kind of gift to buy.

Other travel ideas
There are some travel gift ideas that are often overlooked. Small flashlights can come in handy for finding keys or small items in the bottom of the backpack. Gift cards toward the purchase of airline tickets, hotel nights or meals are often appreciated.


  1. This is really an important post for me. When it comes to choose a gift for my brother, father and boy friend it really makes me annoying. Because most of the time I can’t imagine what to give. I never thought to give a gift like this. These type of things really worth for them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Ruby! The feedback has been great. I'm glad the list helped. Be sure to help spread the word about the article. It looks like lots of us need ideas when buying for guys. :)